Trigger is pleased to have an opportunity to work with Sony to create the official website and social media content for Sausage Party, one of the most highly anticipated animated films of the year. Considered among Seth Rogen’s most innovative films, Sausage Party will be among the first animated R-rated films to reach theaters and has captured the attention of the entire film industry.
Trigger produced the official website in time to host it’s edgy — if not downright raunchy — red band trailer, which has quickly become one of Sony’s most popular ever. Trigger has also had the privilege of being the primary source of social media content for the entire duration of the film’s campaign, creating countless custom GIFs, graphics, and social videos to be shared across film-branded accounts including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and even a partnership with the popular Giphy Cam app. Be sure to catch all of the hilarity that’s streaming across the film’s social channels right now as we gear up for the August 2016 release.