Mankind has coexisted with witches for centuries, but a new evil has upset the balance. Now, witches must hide in plain sight to avoid being hunted by Kaulder (Vin Diesel), the leader of the Axe and Cross and the world’s last witch hunter. To help with their disguise, Trigger has created The Last Witch Hunter: Witches Revealed experience, in promotion of Lionsgate’s upcoming film, The Last Witch Hunter.

Snap or upload a photo of yourself and watch in horror as facial recognition technology reveals your true witch self. Use magic beauty potions to modify and conceal your witch-like features. Once your potion-enhanced makeover is complete, watch and share an animated GIF of your transformation or view a before and after picture via a shareable “WANTED” poster, courtesy of the Axe and Cross.

Disguise yourself now from any smartphone, tablet or desktop.