Get ready for the final showdown! Find out what happened to Solomon Blaze and take part in the last three episodes of The LEGO Group’s Ultra Agents: The AntiMatter Missions, now available in the App Store and Google Play. The updated app includes three new AppBrick tools and three exciting new games to prepare for the final battle between the Ultra Agents, AntiMatter and his evil minions.

Ultra Agents Development by the Numbers:

  • 13000+ Creative and development Hours
  • 1000 Hours of Testing
  • 500+ Drawings
  • 22 Voice Actors
  • 14 Games
  • 14 Total LEGO SKUs
  • 8 LEGO AppBrick tools
  • 1 Original Composition from Emmy Award Winning Composer – Geoff Zanelli

This finale not only marks the end of the Ultra Agents series, but the end of a three-year journey of design, development, and playthroughs, as this project encompasses a great deal of passion and dedication from Trigger. From the development of the first prototype to the launch of the last episode, every person on Trigger’s creative and development team touched this project, making sure we brought the best action-packed, interactive Ultra Agents experience to LEGO fans of all ages, around the world. After an epic journey of fending off villains and saving the citizens of Astor City, we hope LEGO fans will enjoy the final chapters of LEGO Ultra Agents just as much as we enjoyed developing them.