November 3, 2014

UPDATE: The District 13 hovercraft is now open for training purposes.

Mockingjay supporters are encouraged to install the OLTM app update 3.0 to learn more about the hovercraft’s capabilities as we prepare for war against the Capitol.  Scan a Mazda logo to unlock a 3D model of a hovercraft in AR.  Discover how this combat vehicle works by activating the following features:

  • Cloaking effect
  • Repulsor field
  • Vertical takeoff and landing animation
  • Propulsion animation and flight simulation

You can also activate a virtual reality tour of the hovercraft’s interior and snap photos throughout the experience.  Download and print out the Official Hovercraft Target here, and welcome aboard!

photo 1-2    photo 4-1    photo 3

October 8, 2014

UPDATE: This is a transmission from District 13: The District 13 headquarters are now open to all Mockingjay supporters!

Install OLTM app update 2.0 for clearance to go inside the exclusive reveal of Katniss’ underground hideout. Scan a specially-marked Doritos bag to unlock the 3D model of District 13 in AR.  As you explore, you’ll activate various hotspots including:

  • 3D virtual reality rooms
  • Exclusive photos from the film
  • Info about the layout, additional rooms and structural features
  • Profiles of key D13 citizens

You can also snap photos and share content from all parts of the schematic.  And if you’re logged in with Facebook, you may even see a few of your friends in District 13, along with the chores they’ve been assigned.

You can set any tabletop surface to see the schematic appear.  Or, to enhance your experience, download and print out the Official D13 Target here.

d13_schematic_2     d13_schematic_3     d13_schematic_1

August 22, 2014

This is a transmission from District 13: The Mockingjay LIVES!

Rise up and show your support for Katniss with the new “Our Leader the Mockingjay” app, Trigger’s latest augmented reality app for Lionsgate’s upcoming The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1.

Flipping the traditional AR concept on its head, this app lets you pick the scannable image instead of asking you to find a pre-defined target. Once you pick an image target–a billboard, a poster at school or even your favorite storefront–you can tag it with digital graffiti messages of support for the Mockingjay. Snap and share a picture of your handiwork and leave comments for your friends. Everything you do will be geotagged so others can discover your mark and scan it too. Connecting with fellow sympathizers of District 13 has never been more fun.

Keep hope alive for the Panem nation by going to the App Store or Google Play to download the app and start making your mark today.