To the Batmobile…with your iPad!

Partnering with Qualcomm, Trigger created an exclusive app for The LEGO Group’s reveal of their new Dark Knight Tumbler model at the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con.  For the World’s first commercial use of Vuforia’s Toy Recognition technology, Con goers were treated to a three-dimensional tour of the baddest Batmobile ever from Christopher Nolan’s beloved movie trilogy.  To fully appreciate this beaut, we created a unique experience that allowed fans to watch the model come to life by scanning the Tumbler with an iPad. An explosion of lego bricks revealed a look inside the cockpit and complex suspension features while an animated showdown between Batman and Joker minifigures mischievously interacted around the vehicle.

Consider Bruce Wayne’s ride officially pimped.

The Tumbler hits stores September 2014.