Astor City is under attack from a mysterious group of Super Villains!  Will YOU save it? ULTRA AGENT, this is no every day band of Super Villains, it’s going to need everything we can throw at them: our mobile command centre, quad bikes and supersonic jets are all at your disposal.

Brought to you by The LEGO Group, Trigger created an interactive graphic story with six thrilling episodes, and six exciting games to go with it!  Find clues, solve mysteries and save the city by joining the new ULTRA AGENTS – Astor City’s elite crime-fighting force.  Use your skills and abilities to stop TOXIKITA from stealing the deadly Pollutonium from the lab. Bring down TREMOR as he tries to access the ULTRA AGENTS’ secret computer core.  Dare you go head to head with INFEARNO on his flaming hover board?

Become a true ULTRA AGENT operative on the App Store or Google Play.