Since Sony Pictures’ The Amazing Spider-Man is out saving the world, we want you to help (and then capture it on camera)!

Built in a fully 3D game environment for desktop, swing your way through the streets of New York City being careful to avoid obstacles (WATCH OUT FOR THAT SKYBRIDGE) as you go.  Make sure to collect all the web fluid you need to keep you going and get the highest time possible!  Be warned, keeping Spidey in the air will get more difficult with each web thrown.

When your arms get tired, pick up your closest mobile or tablet device and relax with our Caught On Camera HTML5 feature.  Fans can take a photo and choose from 13 unique Spider-Man poses to add in.  But wait, there’s more!  All poses can be moved, rotated and scaled to make the perfect cameo appearance in your photo.  Add in a special filter or animated gif effect and share it with your friends!