When Red Bull approached us to help them promote their feature film Human Flight 3D, we knew the digital experience had to be as thrilling as possible. The film is inspired by the real-life skydiving team Red Bull Air Force, known for their death-defying B.A.S.E. jumps — an acronym for the sites they leap from: buildings,  antennae, spans (bridges) and earth (cliffs). Trigger created a robust movie site that includes a showcase augmented reality feature utilizing Vuforia by Qualcomm. Holding a printable marker up in front of their desktop webcams, users find their markers transformed into a live first-person view of a thrilling B.A.S.E. jump. Trigger created a 3D jumper (wearing a squirrel suit) that animates in sync with the live action footage. The effect is an adrenaline-filled window into the high speed stunts of these amazing athletes. Developed for: Desktop